Freely Publish your Thesis Online

There is a happy news for you. You can freely publish your thesis / project / dissertation online in case you have completed any of the following degrees.

1) Bachelor / BA / BS / BS Hons

2) Masters / MA / M.Phil / MS

3) PhD

There are two methods.

1) You can email your thesis PDF, DOC, DOCX file at the following email address.


2) can upload your thesis at the following link yourself.

NOTE: Our team will check the thesis / project / dissertation and publish it online.

Several benefits for making your work available at are 

  1. Google Scholar Indexing / Presence of your thesis
  2. Appreciation of your work in term of Jobs, scholarships offered to you
  3. Employers to find best people related to job
  4. Check the validity of your ideas
  5. Repetition of ideas will be minimized
  6. Citations of your thesis
  7. Helpful for new project and research students to get ideas and see procedures of implementation

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