First Namefarah
Last Namejaved
Supervisor Nameasad umair
Universitysargodha university
Keywordscheeting dishonesty


Cheating in examinations, course work and assignments usually called academic dishonesty, is a macro level problem in education system around the globe. There is no doubt academic dishonesty is increasing in Pakistan. There are many factors behind why one prefers academic dishonesty over academic integrity. The present study was conducted to look at the underlying factor of academic dishonesty in Pakistan and specifically in University of Sargodha. The present study employed quantitative research methods and used survey technique for data collection. Consequently, the researchers composed structured questionnaire to collect data from targeted respondents. The data was collected from 150 respondents was selected by Multistage sampling technique. A structured questionnaire was used as a tool for data collection procedure for evaluating the responses among dependent and independent variables Findings of this study reveal that there is a significant relationship between the variables like gender, peer acceptance, high self-efficacy, fear of exam, fear of failure and academic cheating. While, variables like age, schooling, education system and family systems are insignificant.

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