First NameMaheen
Last NameAsif
First Name 2Maryam
Last Name 2Izhar
Supervisor NameMiss sadia arshad
UniversityInternational islamic university islamabad
Publication Date07 September, 2016

Activity monitor application

Abstract: This present era is the age of Mobile development. Mobile phones have never been more popular, and powerful. Smart phones are now a regular choice for consumers. With this we have some issues that are necessary to handle. One of which is parental issues. Parents are concerned about safety and security of their children. They wanted to know that their child is using the mobile safely and is not involved in illegal activities.

There are no such facilitating tools to solve this problem. Many android applications are being developed that provide maximum ease at customer end. To solve this issue we are making a parental control Activity Monitor (Molex)application Molex, which allows you to control and monitor the phone.The scope of project is to meet the basic monitoring facility for mobile phones.

With this application parents will be able to view mobile contents such as message logs, call logs, web history, and installed applications. They will also be able to block numbers. They can also trace their child’s location. Call recording facility will also be present. Also parents will be able to monitor the time each application is used and for how much time internet is used.

This application will also be useful for those organizations who want to monitor their employee activities during their working hours.

We will workfor android phones. As there are so many problems in existing system but we will work according to android permissions.

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