First NameAnnie D.
Last NameRoyal
Supervisor NameHoward D. Lee
UniversityUniversity of Wisconsin-Stout
CountryUnited States
KeywordsTechnical College enrolls, 68 to 70 students twice a year,post-secondary colleges.critical component of enrollment management


The Barber Cosmetology department at Milwaukee Area Technical College enrolls 68 to 70 students twice a year, January and August. Six months after the classes begin, 30 to 32 students have withdrawn from the program. Research on Barber Cosmetology retention was not available. This research relies on the retention research of post-secondary colleges. Based on research results, student retention efforts are a critical component of enrollment management. Effective orientation is the initial process that makes the connection with the college, peers, faculty, and staff. Vincent Tinto (1987) found three attributes that affect retention in the first semester. Students involved in college activities have a greater interest in the college, and thus continue to completion. Researchers found internal and external barriers that contribute to student withdrawal: family obligations, financial concerns, full-time employment, low grade-point averages, being a member of an ethnic group, and female gender. This research found that unreliable childcare was the most prevalent reason for withdrawal.

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