First NameSumayya
Last NameIftikhar
First Name 2Rabia
Last Name 2Kiyani
Supervisor NameDr. Qaiser javaid
UniversityInternational Islamic university Islamabad
Publication Date05 September, 2017
DomainComputer Science / IT

Vehicles are increasing day by day, thereby increasing not only air pollution but also traffic problem. We all know that population is growing along with the number of cars; there is an augmented need for efficient means to share rides whether it is buses, taxis or even personal vehicles. This sharing will trim down the costs of travel on one side; on the other hand, it will reduce the cost of fuel. In a longer period of time, it will eventually reduce the number of vehicles on the road or at least reduce the growth in the coming years. I am proposing an Android based “Vehicle Sharing” application for managing travel plans between Vehicle owner and the Passenger.
In this project, our idea is to also make an android application for car sharing, with goal to improve the daily life by making travel easy we can save our time and fuel cost and also reduces the number of vehicles on the road. The concept of our application is to provide a good interaction between vehicle owner who wanted to share his/her vehicle and the user (passenger).You can check the application to see if someone has the same destination and then you can contact them to get a ride. Although many such vehicle Sharing applications have been implemented and work very well and this practice is more common in western countries but with countries like Pakistan which is an underdeveloped, but due to the increased number of mobile user this application can be of great benefit as it requires little expense devices like android phone that are very common now-a-days.

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