First NameRamadan
Last NameShawky
Supervisor NameProf. Dr. Mahmoud Abdelkawy Zahran
UniversityMansoura University
KeywordsFloristic analysis, Vegetation analysis and Soil-vegetation relationship, Performance states, Similarity Index, Vegetation quality index, Plant diversity.
Publication Date06 June, 2016
DomainEnvironmental Sciences

Comparative Ecological Studies on Representative Areas of The Coasts of the Red and Mediterranean Seas, Egypt

The present study provides an ecological investigation of the Red and Mediterranean Seas coastal lands which represented by five locations namely: Sidi Abd El-Rahman, Baltim, El-Sheikh Zuwaied, Wadi Homath and Wadi El-Gimal. A quantitative assessment of the main soil characteristics, an evaluation of the relationships between the major identified vegetation groups and environment in the studied locations are demonstrated. Vegetation and soil were sampled in 44 stands representing the physiographic variation in the studied areas. Estimation of species importance value was determined through
summation of the relative values of density, cover and frequency of species. The physical and chemical characteristics of soil samples were determined for each stand. The classification of stands using Two Way Indicator Species Analysis (TWINSPAN) were lead to recognition of nine groups at the Mediterranean Sea coastal land and eight groups at the Red Sea coastal land. Canonical Correspondence Analysis (CCA) was used to evaluate the vegetation- environment relationships. The CCA showed that the variation in the habitats of two coastal lands were the vegetation responds can be predicted from a few environmental variables which are soil moisture availability, percentage of CaCO3 and the soil texture (sand fractions, silt and
clay). Consequently, the vegetation types in the Mediterranean Sea coastal land are highly diverse than those of the Red Sea coastal land due to the relatively high amount of rainfall and low degrees of temperature, also the performance states which determine the degree of the plant growth showed that the very vigor and the vigor status of vegetation are found in the sites with high soil moisture contents and sandy plain habitats. On the other hand, the feeble and the very feeble vegetation are common in the harsh condition as the halic and xeric habitats. The common one is the normal status that attained the highest value in the studied areas. The similarity index between the geographical unites is high between the locations representing the Mediterranean Sea coastal lands and between the locations representing the Red Sea coastal lands. On the other hand a lowest value has been observed in the locations representing the Mediterranean Sea coastal lands and the locations representing the Red Sea coastal lands due to the difference in the habitat types, topography, climate and the soil constituents. The vegetation quality index is valuable in determining the sensitivities of the Mediterranean and Red Seas coastal lands to desertification. The locations of the Mediterranean Sea coastal lands have lower values than those of the Red Sea coastal lands due to variation in the amounts of the annual rainfall between both coastal lands, are certainly the main factor for such differences.

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