First Namemuhammad
Last NameDanlami
Supervisor NameEngineer Dr. Nuaddeen Magaji
UniversityKano State University of Science and Technology
KeywordsKeywords: Buck converter, Mathematical model, Block diagram, Subsystem, Close loop, PD, PI & PID and MATLAB/SIMULINK.
Publication Date24 April, 2017

Comparing the Performances of PD, PI and PID Controllers for DC-DC Buck Converter

Abstract: The mathematical model of DC-DC buck converter is simulated in MATLAB/SIMULINK environment. Controllers such as PD, PI and PID were designed for this converter. The sole purposes of these controllers are to maintain a constant output voltage, stabilize the system and keep it within acceptable rise time, overshoot and settling time. The performances of these controllers are compared. PD controller improved the transient state, Pi controller improved the steady state while PID improved both the transient as well as the steady state of the buck converter response to a unit step input. Therefore, PID controller is more robust.