First NameMaham
Last NameAkhtar
First Name 2Amna
Last Name 2Akram
First Name 3Uzma
Last Name 3Saeed
Supervisor NameSaima Imtiaz
UniversityInternational Islamic University, Islamabad
KeywordsCRM, Customer Relationship Application, Android, Web
Publication Date24 September, 2017

Customer Relationship Management for Seven Skills

Seven Skills is a professional training and organizational development organization founded in the year 2010. It provides IT outsourcing services and solutions to various clients across the globe. The mission of the organization is “To improve the skill set of individuals through professional trainings and workshops”. The organization provides special trainings on various subject including Optimum Resource Utilization, Smooth and Accurate information flow and Improved Decision making capability. The Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) for Seven Skills is intended to help the organization in establishing a better customer relationship with their clients. This CRM Software comprises of two applications which include an Android based application and a Web based application. It automates the complete client/trainee interaction with the organization. The CRM will help the user to interact with the organization in a reliable and well-organized manner by following a proper pathway.

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