First NameSteve Yanick
Last NameNguekeu Nguekeu
Supervisor NameDr Kikwaya Kasereka Jerry
Universityuniversité évangélique en afrique
CountryCongo, the Democratic Republic of the
KeywordsUltrasound, Thyroid diseases, Bukavu
Publication Date19 January, 2017

Diagnostic contribution of ultrasound in thyroid pathologies to the general reference hospital of panzi

Abstract: The thyroid is an odd organ, median, located in the anterior and lower neck. The purpose of this study is to identify the main thyroid abnormalities diagnosed by ultrasound in HGR Panzi, in Bukavu (DR Congo).
Methods: This is a retrospective study over a period of 3 years (1 January 2013 to 31 December 2015), which focused on 57 patients for a checkup ultrasound including 45 female, 12 male, mean age was 38.1 years (range 8-70 years). The examination was performed using a Toshiba branded device with a linear probe 12MHz. The epidemiological profile, clinical and ultrasonographic analysis of the gland (volume, echogenicity, contours) are taken into account.
Results: The thyroid ultrasound represents 0.4% of the total and is pathological in 67.5% of cases. The disease affects young subjects 30 to 40 years (29.82%). The O.R.L is the provider serving patients (61.4%). The glandular hypertrophy is suspected as the primary indication (43.85%). Goiter is the dominant pathology (93.73%) in its joint échostructurale diversity: 36.84%, nodular: 29.31%, cystic: 10.34%, homogeneous: 8.62%); isolated nodules, cysts and glandular isolated SGA are poorly located. Lesions result in a mass effect on the environment in glandular 28%. The plunging character, the thyroglossal cyst, the associate adenomegalies it. The number of nodules, cysts are variable. The right topography predominates. Lesions classified TIRADS II are seeded (39.28%), then TIRADS III (15,47%). Only categories V and VI were not classified.
Conclusion: Ultrasonography examines thyroid abnormalities , lists anomalies, and directs the diagnosis. It provides the necessary screening and should be complemented by an ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration of certain lesions , for a pathological examination for a comprehensive standardized classification as in other lands .

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