First NameHajra
Last NameKhan
First Name 2Arooj
Last Name 2Nazir
Supervisor NameM. Imran Saeed
UniversityInternational Islamic University, Islamabad
KeywordsDirections, 3D map, IIUI
Publication Date05 February, 2017
DomainComputer Science / IT


Abstract: The project “Directionary” is a virtual tour which will helps a person to find places in the university. This app is made for android users. Now-a-days palm devices and smart phones are becoming integral part of our lives. Hundred and thousand applications are available to make the lives easy. Our idea is to develop an android app “Directionary”. It will provide virtual tour of women campus of IIUI via 3D modeling. User (mostly new students) will be able to locate an office, a class room, library etc. with the help of this app.

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