First NameHira
Last NameBaig
First Name 2Farheen
Last Name 2Iftikhar
Supervisor NameParkha Bashir
Universityinternational Islamic university islamabad
Publication Date7 Sep,2016


Communicable diseases pose a significant and growing threat on human health at the local, national, and international level. Local or widespread outbreaks of communicable diseases are largely unpredictable with great public health, social and economic consequences and impact on nations. They must be recognized and controlled rapidly in order to minimize their impact. Public health policies, strategies, and interventions to reduce any impact of these outbreaks rely heavily on prompting timely individual, community, institutional actions, including early detection and response to these events.A failure or inability to detect and response to communicable and vaccine preventable disease outbreaks on timely bases will lead to higher level of mortality and morbidity. The Early Disease Warning System (EDWS), an unique entity of public health surveillance on priority communicable and vaccine preventable disease within MOPH , has attained tremendous gain in this area; it detects and responses to several disease outbreaks in all over the country on timely bases. In addition, the system provides weekly and annual surveillance data to all stakeholders.

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