First NameNoor-ul-ain
Last NameAli
First Name 2Aqsa
Last Name 2Khalid
Supervisor NameMs. Asma Khatoon
UniversityInternational Islamic University
Publication Date28 August, 2017
DomainComputer Science / IT

ED Transport Loading and Unloading System

Abstract: This real-client project aims to automate the process of loading and unloading system in trucks which is +currently manual in almost all the construction company. In manual system there is no track of employee and truck and there is a lot of documentation manually. But in this system, everything will be automatic. Contractor simply post the job and invite some of related employee that will be able to do that some specific task, the employee will see all the relevant detail about the task such as when to perform, loading and unloading address etc. The employee will accept the job and then do that specific task on due date. He would be able communicate with the contractor for any query through chat module. The employee will have to pass through several phases during the simulation of task that he used to pass in manual system. Every phase will be documented and report will be generated at the end of task and send to all relevant stakeholders.

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