First NameIqra
Last NameAzhar
First Name 2Sehrish
Last Name 2Hina
Supervisor NameMuhammad Imran Saeed
UniversityInternational Islamic University Islamabad
KeywordsEmergency, Medical Services
Publication Date03 September, 2016

Emergency Medicine Services

Abstract: Emergency Medicine Services is an  intelligent, supportive system that provide assistance for diagnosis medical issues and treatment

It is very inconvenient for the patient to go to market to buy his medicines specially for those who are working and also for household women.

EMS is an android application and desktop web application by which we can order medicines by staying our home and they will deliver us to our door step. That is very convenient for a busy person.

The Emergency Medicine Services application have user accounts by which they can order and reorder their medicines just by setting a monthly or weekly alarm after that given time the application will give reminder either the person wants to reorder the medicines or not. We  have forums in our desktop application on which people can make discussions about their medical issues.

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