First NameMohibur
Last NameRahman Khan
Supervisor NameDr. Sultan Muhammd Razzak, Dr. Zaharaby Ripon, Dr. Afroja Parvin, Dr. AKM Zakir Hossain Bhuiyan, Dr. Saleha Kader
UniversityInternational Culture University
KeywordsGreen Product, Environment, Development, Ecology
Publication Date21 May, 2017

Bangladesh as a developing country need to prevent pollution and preserve its natural resources. Environmental attitudes constitute a significant part of environmental consciousness. Therefore, The Present research empirically investigates the attitude of Bangladeshi consumers towards the environment in general. For this purpose a survey was developed and administered in the capital city Dhaka of Bangladesh. The present research made an attempt to understand the factor that influences environment conscious behavior for green products. The finding of the study would help government to better understand consumers’ environment conscious behavior, for developing effective environmental policies required to reinforce green purchase. Moreover, companies will have insight about how to profile green consumers in Bangladesh, to develop effective messages that will functionally and emotionally appeal to their target customers. Some of the consumers as well as general people have positive concern about green product or eco-friendly product whereas rest of the people have negative or less concern about green or eco-friendly products. The negative opinion of the respondent indicates the lack of knowledge or concept about green or eco-friendly product which makes the reason is that the use of green products is limited present Bangladesh. The demographic differences have been observed in respect of the concept of green product or eco – friendly product. Men have been used to live completely greenery life style than women. On the other hand, women have had more likely than men to purchase environmentally friendly housekeeping products (56% vs. 36%). The female respondents have had more unfamiliar with the organic food or organic product than the male respondents, where it is also remarkable that different age groups have also had different attention to organic product. The cost of a green products has been affected the purchase decision of the respondents whereas a total of 73% of the respondents had affected a bit and 27% of the respondents had affected a lot in considering the cost of a green product which affected purchase decision of the respondents. The most important factor that prevents customers from buying green products were as awareness on green products is low, green products are not easily available in the market, green products are expensive one cannot be sure if the green products may not be of good quality where the respondents gave their opinion 33%, 24%, 21%, 12%, and 10%, respectively in this regards. The observed opinions of male and female respondents were similar in all options which indicate that both of the categories of respondents have had to some platform to utilize green products. Different problems have been identified from the present research in regard to buy green products, whereas some options have also been observed. The observed options were as quality not sure, lack of certifications beyond buying capacity, unavailability of product, high price etc. The Banking sector of Bangladesh is not absolutely sure about the characteristics of green banking. The commercial banks of Bangladesh have some involvement in regarding green Banking. On the other hand, Green banking activities have not been completely visualized from the answers and opinions of the respondents. The reason is that some limitations and problems are exhausting for green banking in Bangladesh. But the scope of practicing green banking is a vital phenomenon for the banking sector in Bangladesh.
The green building concept is very new in the present context of Bangladesh. From the present research work it has been observed that the cost involvement for the construction of green building is higher than the cost requirement for traditional buildings. The present research probes that the green buildings is a sophisticated approaches which many prevents uses to adapt the opportunity of green building. The green manufacturers are very limited in number in Bangladesh while some companies have made efforts to introduce green products to the market. The effects are still of an early stage and have to be systematically expanded cover more of the manufacturing sector. From the present research it has been observed that better communication and awareness about eco-friendly product should have to be increased for the expansion of the manufacturers regarding green product. Finally some suggestions should be consider for producing green product as well as its marketing system whereas research should be made classifying the green products in different sections, viz. green building, green banking, organic food etc. Proper steps to be taken by the government and the environmental institutions for the production and uses of green products whereas much more attention should be given on further development of green product. If is also necessary to set up rules for production of green products and for marketing the same. There should a committee or association for fixing the price of the green products and there should be a government agency to monitor it, so that the consumers may get green products easily at a reasonable price.

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