First Namesaleem
Last Nameakhtar
Supervisor NameDr.Prof.Naveed Ramzan
UniversitySuperior University, Lahore
KeywordsValue Enigneering, Cost Enigneering, Value Management
Publication Date11 April, 2017

Importance of Value Engineering in Construction Industry of Pakistan

Abstract: Value Engineering (VE) is used during the detailed design and construction stages, and it is largely used in the United State (Pasquire and Maruo 2001). Moreover, Zimmerman (1982) stated that Value Engineering (VE) describes a value study during the project design and construction phase. This is confirmed by the Department of Defense (DOD) in the United State that defines Value Engineering (VE) is as a before the fact activity during the design stage (Pasquire and Maruo 2001).
For economic reasons, Engineers are compelled to explore low cost materials which could be used in construction. Research studies are being conducted in the world for the effective use and applications of Value Engineering. It is used to determine the best design alternatives for projects, to reduce cost on existing projects, to improve quality, increase reliability and availability and customer satisfaction. It is also used to improve organizational performance, schedule and to reduce risk. It is a powerful tool used to identify problems and develop recommended solutions.
The objective of this research is to present “Importance of Value Engineering in Construction Industry of Pakistan” based on a questionnaire which may be conducted through an online survey. The questionnaire shall be consist questions regarding Planning, Designing, Execution, Maintenance, Repair and Demolish.
The results showed that the need is to apply the value engineering techniques in execution phase of a project. By this way, it can give more outcomes as compared to other phases of the project.

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