First NameMd. Sharafat
Last NameHossain
Supervisor NameDr. Zaharaby Ripon
UniversityInternational Culture University
KeywordsTechnical Education, Global Job, The Scope of learning Communicative English Language
Publication Date21 May, 2017

Learning English carries a great importance in the field of technical education programs. The necessity of spoken and written English as a medium of better communication has been much more noticed especially in case of providing technical related job and services in home and abroad. This issue has also clearly appeared through this research and the syllabus of technical education programs in which the matter of present situation of English subject and its teaching of lesson has been brought under consideration.
The teachers considered the learning English as important and the related subject for the present situation in the field of diploma in engineering education. On this contest, 12 numbers of male teachers mentioned that the present course curriculum for the technical students is not appropriate whereas 17 male teachers and a female teacher expressed that the course curriculum seems to be moderately appropriate. Among 70 teachers, 09 male teachers gave their opinion in favor of appropriate course curriculum. They concluded that the course curriculum is not quite appropriate for the learners which should be needed a remarkable change for the betterment of the technical education system. A few number of respondents (27.64%) expressed their opinion in favor of the existing syllabus whereas they said that the syllabus is appropriate and helpful for the students. On the other hand, rest of the respondents (72.36%) expressed that it is not appropriate or moderately appropriate whereas syllabus moderation or upgrade is a major issue. The existing course curriculum should be changed for the betterment of the technical education system. To accelerate the existing Learning English system of technical education, different opinions were observed from the answers of the respondents. From this context, the role of policy makers and specialists was observed as the highest number (44.28%) whereas the role of teachers, students and guardians were a remarkable number (42.85%). On the other hand, necessity of training and role of colleges were observed 05.71% and 07.14% respectively.
Among the different options of the respondents, 30 teachers gave their concern as moderately skilled in working whereas the percentage was 42.85%. On the other hand, 27 numbers of teachers expressed their opinions as unskilled working status in home and abroad whereas the percentage was 38.57%. Among the respondents, a few number expressed the opinion in favor of skilled working status (18.57%) which indicates to the lack of skills of the diploma technocrats that may be the lack of technocrat’s knowledge, lack of learning English, lack of orientation in practical aspects etc. Among the respondents, the highest number of students expressed their opinions in favor of training whereas 60.00% of the students expressed their requirement for general training and 34.67% of students expressed necessity for English Language Training. The percent as no requirements of training was very low (05.33%) which may indicate to the vital issue for training, especially English Language Training to promote global job market.
Among the respondents, 25.00% guardians gave their opinions in favor of skilled man power or engineer whereas only 8.33% guardians gave their opinions in favor of the development of the country. On the other hand, 20.00% of the respondents gave their opinions in favor of bright future and become self reliant and 12.5% guardians expressed views in favor of demand in the job market. The basic demand of the guardians is to train their children as skilled technocrats as well as train human resource fitted for the better life in future. The same role was played by the different personnel such as teachers (41.66%), service providing agencies (16.66%), parents (25.00%) and educational institution (16.66%). The teachers are going to play vital role for Learning English and getting job than the other related parties in the field of technical education and service system.
The respondent students whom interviews were taken gradually completed their diploma in engineering in different year e.g. 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. They were from different disciplines/technologies which were textile, electronics, civil, construction, computer, garments design, electrical etc. Now they are serving in various types of institutions and organizations both in home and abroad. Some of the respondents opined that they changed their first time or second time job to reach good position in service with different facilities and advantages. Some of them expressed their views in this way that they changed their first time job with a view to fulfill their ambition by gathering working experience and being skilled in service. Out of 12 respondent students, 02 students are doing first time job, 04 students are doing second time job by changing first time job and 06 students are running third time job by changing second time job for making their future bright and successful which indicates to the dynamism of performance of the working students.
Most of the respondents expressed their opinions in favor of insufficient course curriculum and modification of English course of which number was 41.67% and 41.67% respectively. On the other hand, only 16.67% of the respondents indicated that the existing course curriculum was sufficient course curriculum. It is not appropriate or properly sufficient which needs some sorts’ modification. All sources of higher studies depend on learning English because English is a global language. It is the language of information technology. So without learning English language, higher studies cannot be possible for any learner. Among the respondents, 75.00% service holders gave their opinions as existing learning English or course curriculum was the barrier for the higher studies whereas 25.00% of the respondents did not realize this barrier. So the existing learning English system is the barrier for the higher studies of diploma engineers.
From the respondents different views and opinions came both in favor of appropriate English syllabus and inappropriate English syllabus. But it seems to be not appropriate for the learners to sustain in national and international job market. There have some differences in relation with the performance of technological activities as well as communication of language whereas 66.67% of the respondents expressed their difference in this regard. On the other hand, 33.33% of the respondents abstained from expressing the difference with abroad going students. The respondents have two options which are as appropriate course curriculum for skilled human resources (50.00%) and modification of course curriculum upgrade for skilled human resource (50.00%). This fact indicates that modification of course curriculum upgrade for skilled human resource is a vital aspect for the future sustainable development for creating global job market of the diploma graduates.
Most of the respondents gave their opinions in favor of modification of English syllabus for global job (60.00%) whereas rest of the respondents (40.00%) expressed their opinion in favor of appropriate English syllabus for global job. The modification of English syllabus for global job should be needed which was the main objective of the present research.
Human resource development may play a vital role in the field of global job market where in learning communicative English is very essential for the global engineers. On this context, existing learning English curriculum should be developed in Bangladesh for the Diploma graduates. Learning English is also very important for the higher level of engineering education which may open the doors for global job market.

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