First NameAlbert
Last NameFolch
Supervisor Namedoc. dr. D.Mažeika
KeywordsCloud computing, Eucalyptus, Amazon EC2, Java, Swing, Typica, Scilab.
Publication Date1 October, 2015

Interface development for Eucalyptus based cloud


The use of Internet and new technologies nowadays, for business and for the current users, is already part of everyday life. Any information is available anywhere in the world at any time. That was not possible few years ago. Nowadays it have arisen a lot of possibilities of access to public and private information like internet speed access or the deployment of mobile dispositive that allow the connection to Internet from almost everywhere. Today a lot of people are consulting their mail online through webmail clients, writing collaborative documents using web browsers, creating virtual albums to upload their photos of the holidays. They are running applications and storing data in servers located in Internet and not in their own computers. Something as simple as enter in a web page is the only thing a user needs to begin to use services that reside on a remote server and lets him share private and confidential information, or using computing cycles of a pile of servers that he will ever see with his own eyes. And every day its being used more this services that are called cloud computer services. That name is given because of the metaphor about Internet, as something than the user see like a cloud and cannot see what’s inside.

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