First NameGemechu
Last NameLemessa
Supervisor NameDr.Tesfahun
UniversityJigjiga University
KeywordsDegradation; Kinetic Study; 4-Nitrophenol; PEG/ZnO nanocomposite; Photocatalysis.
Publication Date26 April, 2017

Kinetic degration of  4- nitrophenol in from industrial waste on polyethyleneglycol modified ZnO nanoparticles underUltraviolet and visible irradation

Abstract: One of the major challenges of developing country like Ethiopia is quality of drinking. Water treatments with alum was too cost and exported from outside country with expensive costs. Thus to solve such challenges we obtained Polyethylene glycol modified zinc oxide (PEG/ZnO) nanocomposites are similar treatment efficiency and low costs. PEG/ZnO nanoparticle was best efficiency with UV and Visible irradiation. Their photocatalytic activities were evaluated using degradation of 4-nitrophenols dye as probe under UV and visible light irradiations. Various parameters such as; catalyst loading, dye initial concentrations, pH and irradiation time were examined. The results showed that, PEG-modified ZnO nanoparticle exhibited good photocatalytic activities under UV and visible light, however, bare ZnO had photocatalytic activity only under ultraviolet light. Also the photocatalytic degradation of 4-NP kinetically follows pseudo first-order reactions.