First NameJudith
Last Name Westeneng
Supervisor NameDr. S. Riawanti
UniversityRadboud University Nijmegen
Keywords the encounters, vision, initiating, conducting, finalising,
Publication Date20 September, 2015

Linking Wealth and Health: Risk Factors for and Coping with Maternal Health Shocks in Indonesia


People are shaped by the encounters with other people, by their ideas, their vision, and theirsupport. Therefore, these people also play an imperative role in the process of initiating,conducting and finalising a research project such as this. I was lucky to find so many finepersons along the track, and thus I owe gratitude to all of them. Here, there is too littlespace to thank everybody individually, but I would like to express my gratitude to the peopleliving in Kadakajaya, who gave me a warm welcome and took care of me during my stay inthe village. Special thanks go to Bapak Cahyo, head of the village, and Kang Gugum, who toldme various ins and outs of the village, who arranged a place to stay and introduced me tomany key informants. In addition, the group of cadres helped me enormously with my fieldwork. They explained the local health system, introduced me to various families andconducted the questionnaires. I thank all health workers from the village, the clinic inTanjungsari and the secretary at the sub-districts office for their information andcooperation. Most gratitude goes to all families who shared their stories withme. I wouldalso like to thank family Enceng, who looked after me and my assistant as if we were theirdaughters. They made me feel at home. I am greatly indebted to Terranova, my researchassistant. I am happy you moved to Kadakajaya with me. I have good memories of the timewe shared, both professionally and personally and I am glad you were there in the ratherturbulent times.

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