First NameAfia
Last NameJahangir
First Name 2Maria
Last Name 2Khan
Supervisor NameMs Talat Ambreen
UniversityInternational Islamic University , Islamabad
Publication Date27 August, 2017

One Click Auto Repair

Abstract: In this busy era, everyone wants to save their time as much as they can. Currently, there is no such
a system which would help the user to schedule their appointments at their own convenient time.
People find it difficult to take their cars to the workshop and wait for their turn or wait for the
mechanic to get checked may be, there are no mechanics available at that time and result is just a
waste of time and fatigue.
Considering these issues we have decided to provide web application which will facilitate the user
to scheduling their appointments and can select their desired services and repairs. “One Click Auto
Repair” this system is easy to use and is less time consuming, as the user can get an appointment at
home by just some clicks and having a real world experience. This system will facilitate the
customers as well as the service Centre. The system will help the customer in scheduling their
appointments and selecting the required service. Customer will be able to access the portal of the
service center, to select their desired services, and to book the appointment in the slot available.
This will help reduce the problem of not having much time to go to workshops and wait for the
car to get repaired.

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