First NameAfsheen
Last NameMushtaq
First Name 2Safeena
Last Name 2Mushtaq
Supervisor NameMr. Asim Munir
UniversityInternational Islamic University Islamabad
KeywordsOnline Health Adviser, Health System
Publication DateJune 01, 2017

Online Health Advisor is based on windows platform. It is developed by using latest technologies. In this application we will take the data for last year, and by getting information through the data we will warn the user if there is a chance for any disease. This application will also tell the precautions (how to prevent from a disease). The web app will be easily used by person of any age group, it will be user friendly. We are developing generic web application, which can be beneficial for anyone who is conscious about his/her health. It will target people of every age. Now a day social media is very popular, people prefer everything online. So this application will be very helpful for the people who can’t go to doctor for their routine checkup.

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