First NameRyan
Last NameCrichton
Supervisor NameMr. Anban Pillay
UniversityUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal
CountrySouth Africa
Keywordshealth information systems, Engineering health information systems, no proven technology, skills shortages,

The Open Health Information Mediator: an Architecture for Enabling Interoperability in Low to Middle Income Countries


Interoperability and system integration are central problems that limit the effective use of health information systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness of health service delivery. There is currently no proven technology that provides a general solution in low and middle income countries where the challenges are especially acute. Engineering health information systems in low resource environments have several challenges that include poor infrastructure, skills shortages, fragmented and piecemeal applications deployed and managed by multiple organisations as well as low levels of resourcing. An important element of modern solutions to these problems is a health information exchange that enable disparate systems to share health information.

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