First Nameusman
Last NameMehmood
Supervisor NameNoman Javed
UniversityUET lahore
Publication Date02 March, 2017

Optimizing the effectiveness of Stirling engine Regenerator
Abstract: In this work, an effort was made to optimize the regenerators of Stirling engine. An alpha Stirling engine with hot side live volume 80364.19 mm3 , cold side live volume 74432mm3 and total dead volume72147.41mm3 was designed and fabricated. Air was used as working fluid. Experimentation showed that the engine was capable to produce a brake power of 34 watt at 650 rpm and 0.5 Nm torque. Regenerators with wire mesh materials stainless steel, copper, aluminum and monel 400 were studied. Effect of wire mesh porosity was also studied. Regenerator equipped with stainless steel wire mesh of 85% porosity provided maximum brake power, minimum pressure drop and maximum efficiency.

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