First NameMs Gowsiya
Last NameGul
Supervisor NameProf. Lily Want
UniversityUniversity of Kashmir
Keywords Liberal Humanism, Postmodernism, transcends time and place, omniscient narrator,


Postmodernism has changed the manner in which texts were written and understood. Where liberal humanism assumed that literature has an unchanging and universal meaning that transcends  and place, postmodernism rejects the claim of a stable/unified foundation and character to any literary text. Again, where liberal humanism claimed a sacrosanct position for the author, postmodernism refuses to see the author as a powerful figure who  created an omniscient narrator to render the truth. We have Roland Barthes in his seminal essay, “Death of the Author” announcing the death of the author-centre which in a sense frees the literary text from authority.

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