First NameA.S.
Last NameBhalla
First Name 2Dan
Last Name 2Luo
Supervisor Namemissing
UniversityUniversity of Nottingham
CountryUnited Kingdom
KeywordsChina, India, Poverty, Ethnicity, Exclusion, fastest growing developing economies, rapid economic growth, income inequality,
Publication Date15 September, 2015

Poverty and Exclusion of Minorities in China and India


A study of poverty, inequality and social exclusion of minorities in China and India is timely. The book examines these problems facing minorities from a global perspective. The process of globalization and the war on terror have internationalized the socio-economic and political conditions of Muslim and Tibetan minorities in Kashmir in India, and Xinjiang and Tibet in China. The choice of minorities is guided by the fact that there is little economic literature on the subject at present, much less a comparative study of Chinese and Indian minorities. Both countries have diverse and significant minorities. In India, besides religious minorities a much larger population consists of castebased social groups which have suffered from social exclusion and discrimination for centuries. The governments of both countries have introduced similar preferential policies (affirmative action, for example)for their economic and social well-being. But it remains unclear how far these policies have achieved their goal.We examine how the poverty situation of minorities has evolved and whether special measures in their favour have led to any appreciable positive impact on their standard of living.

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