First NameWaqar
Last NameAhmed
Supervisor NameMuhammad Amin
UniversityComsats Institute of Information Technology, Wah Cant
KeywordsPower, Transformer ,Faults Analysis .FRA Measurements ,Electrical Power System


To safe people and belongings from harm or wound, electric defects in a power grid as in electrical equipment such as Power Transformer must be absolved rapidly. In past days of power systems the defects clarification was done by the service staff, which optically diagnose the faults and by hand monitored a transformer to remove the faults up to some extent. As come out faults became more and the working demands of the electric power grid became more rigorous, the demand for automatic fault sanction became an essential. The Power Transformer is one of the highly cost and significant electrical equipment of a Power Transmission System; the loss of transformer failure can be very costly. To avoid these failures, different techniques, methods for protecting and monitoring are being processed. These losses also cost money and this money always are charged to the consumer. A power grid station is consisted of three main sections as power transmission, power distribution as well as power generation plants. It also includes transmission cables, distribution system, and substations. The Power Transformer is high cost and essential electrical instrument of a Power Transmission Section. As it is essential elements in electrical power, as it has capability to variant voltage as well as current states, which is able transformers to produce power in electric system, to transfer and disseminate electric power and employ power at an efficient and desirable states. It is that part of electrical instrument which required uninterrupted check out and fast monitoring, as it is very costly and basic element of power system to perform efficiently.

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