First NameFlorian
Last NameMarkowetz
Supervisor NameRainer Spang
University Freien Universitat Berlin
Keywordssignaling pathways leading, regulation of gene expression, gene silencing experiments
Publication Date21 July, 2015

Probabilistic Models for Gene Silencing Data


This thes is is concern ed with signali ng pathways leadin g to regul ation of ge ne expressi on . I devel op metho dology to ad dress two probl ems sp eci fic to gene sil enci ng exp erimen ts : Firs t, gene p e rturbation e ffects cannot b e control led determi nis ti cal ly an d have to b e mo de led sto c hasticall y. Second, direc t obs ervations of intervention e ffects on other p ath- way comp on ents are often not avail ab le. Thi s fi rs t chapter gives a conci se b ackground on gene regulation and cel l s ignalin g and explain s the exp erimen tal te chni que of RN A in terfe re nce (RNAi). Gene si len cing by RN Ai has drastically redu ced th e tim e req uired for genome- wi de sc ree ns for gen e func ti on, but no work has b een d on e so far to adapt stati stical metho dology to the s p e cific need s of RNAi data.

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