First NameAqsa
Last NameHayat
First Name 2Nazia
Last Name 2Mushtaq
Supervisor NameAsma Sajjad
UniversityInternational islamic University Islamabad
KeywordsPassword, Encryption, Security
Publication Date28 August, 2017
DomainComputer Science / IT

Professional password Encrypter

Abstract: Password Manager is an android and web based Application that mainly contains our email addresses and passwords in encrypted form. It manages out passwords in encrypted way so that no one can get them or stole them without our permission.
The application has been exclusively designed as an interactive supplement to the routine headache of usernames and passwords with full support for personalized interaction. Every time we deal with our accounts we are facing lot of fatigue whether we intend to or not so this Application is very helpful. The security issue is resolved in it with Real Time face Detection. Both web app and android app solves our problem of specific domain and we can use it anywhere we want.

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