First NameTahira
Last NameKanwal
First Name 2Maryam
Supervisor NameMuhammad Imran Saeed
UniversityInternational Islamic University Islamabad
KeywordsRecognize,sign in,sign up,save image,Detect,Colour Blind
Publication Date27 August, 2017
DomainComputer Science / IT

I-Recognize(Blind person Android Application)

Abstract: There are various problems for blind and color blind people in this world. Blind people face a lot of difficulties in their daily life to identify people or color for color blind people. They are too much dependent on other individuals. The developed application works for two types of people one is for color blind and the other one is for blind people. The application performs analysis on image of people for blind people and on some other images for colorblind people.
For color blind people, user has to touch on the color to see the actual color name. The image is examined on touch pixel coordinate to find the RGB value of that pixel. Algorithms and image processing techniques are applied on the image for blind people. The tool used for the development of this application is Android Studio.

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