First NameIqra
Last NameHanif
First Name 2Sara
Last Name 2Malik
Supervisor NameMs. Asma Khatoon
UniversityInternational Islamic University, Islamabad.
Publication Date05 September, 2017

Run Jerry Run With Stereoscopic 3D View

Within the computer games, design, and educational markets many changes have occurred in the past 15 years. The need for improved realism and more immersive environments has greatly increased due to the new generation of computer literate offspring. Children are now brought up using the latest technology, creating a desire for new and exciting experiences all the time.
Many games have been developed yet, but most of them are in 2D, so they don’t give a realistic view. This game is a Virtual Reality game that provides stereoscopic 3D view, providing user with a realistic view and allowing users to control the game by head movements and gestures, making the game more enjoyable and pleasurable for the users.
In this game firstly loading page is shown then a loading page for VR Box is shown so that the player places his mobile phone in the VR Box. The main menu screen comes first that contains some options like start, settings, high scores etc. The camera depends on the head movement of the player if the user moves his head on right side then the game screen goes right and if it goes to left the game screen goes there. When the game starts the player sees himself as Jerry who is running and picking cheese on the way. Jerry can go left and right as player moves his head left and right. Picking the cheese will increase the scores of the player. On his way he can get magnets which is a power up for jerry and all the cheese is attracted by jerry when he gets a magnet. Player will lose the game if he collides with anything on the track.

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