First NameShaikat
Last NameSaha
First Name 2Maliha Elma
Last Name 2Yasin
First Name 3Nafisa Binte
Last Name 3Amin
Supervisor NameMahammad Nayeem Abdullah
UniversityIndependent University Bangladesh
KeywordsRural Market, Market Analysis, Village Economy, Health
Publication Date13 March, 2017
DomainDevelopment Studies

Rural Market Analysis

Abstract: In the LFE program my group was assigned to survey the DOKKHIN PARA of the village BAKHRABAD. Based on our survey, in this report I mainly focused on five major parts. Throughout the whole survey, we tried to analyze the village area, its social changes, health and environment, economic and agriculture conditions, and market aspects.

On the first day of survey I along with my team members went around the whole village and did the transect walk in accordance to the important things that should be analyzed like the types of houses, trees, infrastructure; number of schools, mosques, madrasa, yards, ponds, tube wells, etc.

Social changes can have a huge impact on the villagers. The changes occurred on the health and environment system, family type, awareness, marriage system, dowry system, education and in many more areas.

We tried to find out the health measures that the people were taking as well as whether the factors are creating a positive or negative impact on the environment. The overall health condition is quite satisfactory. Through improvement in education, people are more aware and utilize their resources to provide themselves with proper healthcare and sanitation. The water sources for most villagers are tube wells. Also, we found the Government’s and NGO’s activities in the village.

The overall situation of the survival of a village can be known from the economic condition of that village. We tried to find out the occupation, income sources, living condition, interest and savings, etc. Also, we tried to identify the accurate rural production cycle of the main crops from the farmers.

The heart of the economic activities of BAKHRABAD village is Kalir Bazaar Haat. Most of
the villagers are dependent on this Haat Bazaar for selling and buying necessities. The vendors maintain different distribution channel. The enormous variety of products and their distribution channel is a common feature of Kalir Bazaar Haat. This rural market plays a significant role in village economy.

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