First NameRabail
Last NameFatima
First Name 2Hadeeqa
Last Name 2Nasir
Supervisor NameDr. Humaira ashraf
UniversityInternational Islamic University,Islamabad
Publication Date27 August, 2017
DomainComputer Science / IT

Securing VoLTE Registration

Abstract: IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) is a rising platform for provisioning multimedia services (e.g., data, voice, and video) in 4G/5G systems. IMS authentication is a vital methodology which grants legitimate users to access multimedia services. However, periodic re-validation of portable clients (mobile users) results in significant signaling traffic overhead due to complete execution of hectic procedure. Additionally, signaling protocol, for example, SIP overlooks client’s secrecy by leaving unprotected public and private identities. In IMS every client entering from another network like UMTS or VOLTE needs to validate itself. Nonetheless; it as of now went through a similar authentication process in its own network. Along these lines, IMS core entities are influenced by high signaling that could be a source of clog. The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is utilized as a part of IMS to build up and oversee sessions. The AKA algorithm is used for authentication of UE with servers. ECC (Elliptic curve cryptography) is utilized for key generation that provides reduced encryption and decryption time than existing schemes for IMS. The response time and CPU load of both i.e. with and without encryption is compared.

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