First NameKinza
Last NameFarooq
First Name 2Pakeeza
Last Name 2Abbassi
Supervisor NameSamia Imtaiz
UniversityInternational Islamic University,Islamabad

Smart Rendezvous Android Application with Fire base Cloud Back end and Website Poll

In current time, where time is money. Smartphone users have to use multiple applications for locating each other, scheduling, making decisions, and coordinating tasks.
We have focused to reduce effort, providing convenient and interactive conversation by enabling people to have the fastest way to plan and coordinate.Therefore, we intend to provide all these functionalities by giving features of group discussion chat rooms, polling, tasker, location sharing, meeting setter and much more. Basically, it is an android application having Firebase Cloud as backend and is linked with PHP polling website.
The best part is, it’s one click does the job of 10, 20 or more text messages. Moreover, To-do lists, finding colleagues at the conference, setting appointments, making group discussions. There are tools for these tasks, but they are disparate –apps, calendars, endless email threads. Our app will offers a seamless way: All this (and more!) lives inside a single app!

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