First NameSaba
Last NameJaved
First Name 2Maryyam
Last Name 2Irshad
UniversityInternational Islamic University Islamabad
KeywordsPreliminary Learning for Children
Publication Date05 September, 2017
DomainComputer Science / IT

Takhti-Ustaad Child Learning Android Application

Preliminary learning of a child starts within the home. Parents are very curious about their children’s education. They pay high fees to tuition centers and academies for their children education because they do not have time to teach them. So we have decided to make an android application which will help parents to make their children learn how to draw alphabets.
This project not only teaches children how to draw alphabets but also test them to improve their writing. Also, this app provides games as amusement to the children.The main objective of this Android application is to develop a strong learning of Mathematics, English and Urdu Alphabets in children.

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