First Namemuddussar
Last Nameiqbal
Supervisor NameMam Naila
UniversityUniversity of sargodha Pakistan
Publication Date14 April, 2017

Textile designing

Abstract: The twentieth century saw an unprecedented expansion of the supernatural in literature. This encompasses the often confused (and widely misunderstood) genres of science fiction and fantasy, as well as genres that have met with universal acclaim, such as magical realism. All these genres come in many shapes and sizes, and as such are split into a number of subgenres that are at times hard to classify. Such is the case of steampunk, which stands somewhere in between science fiction and fantasy, in so far as it centres around the future as it was or may have been imagined by people living in the past, frequently (but not exclusively) in a Victorianinspired setting, and, sometimes, it also features magic and supernatural beings. The genre’s unique position in relation to the two giants of the supernatural makes it a fascinating object of study, which is why it had been chosen as the topic of this thesis.

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