First NameRobia
Last NameJamil
First Name 2maryam
Last Name 2naeem
Supervisor NameTalat Ambreen
UniversityInternational Islamic University Islamabad
Keywordsfun,typing master,kids,game,spelling crrector
Publication Date15 November, 2017
DomainComputer Science / IT

Title: Type 3D

Abstract: It’s a widely accepted fact that people of every age grab the phone whenever they feel the hint of boredom. Most of the times they play a game. However the more strategic the game the more likely they are to keep going back to that one. Typo 3D is a stunning activity. Most of the games are about fun and entertainment but the game that we are trying to create is both about learning and entertainment. The main purpose of this game is to increase the writing speed of the android keyboard and in the same way to correct basic spelling mistakes. The target audience of our project are those persons whom writing speed on the android mobiles especially touch screen mobiles are not very well and for kids. Each level has its own charm and hidden secrets which amuse the player to keep playing this game for a long time and whenever they feel bored. Each level has its own exciting thrills. The game consist of three modes (Easy, Medium, Hard) with three levels each. This application has three different levels, each with different scenarios and blow.

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