First NameShaikat
Last NameSaha
Supervisor NameDr. Syed Manzur Quader
UniversityChittagong Independent University
KeywordsUnemployment, GDP, Underemployment, Cause and Effect of Unemployment
Publication Date16 June, 2017

We tried to figure out the Unemployment Rate of Bangladesh even in different individual sectors of our country, Reason behind this problem, effect of this problem on our young generation and as well as our GDP or Economy Growth. Later we have tried to provide some recommendations to solve this problem. In this report, we have tried to compare the Unemployment situation of Bangladesh with other South-Asian Countries like India, Pakistan, Srilanka, and try to find out what steps are taken by their Governments. We have also analyzed the distinctive features of our people to improve our problems. Then we investigated the incentives provided by our Government, and later we have tried to show relationship between Unemployment and Phillips Curve as well.
During this research, we have found out why Educated Unemployment Rate at our country is higher than most other countries. The reasons are lack of quality Education systems, Corruptions, Lack of Vocational Trainings, Lack of Practical Knowledge etc. We have also tried to find out the effect of this problem like Brain Drain, Increase of Crimes and Violations, Terrorisms, Poor Economy Growth, etc. We also discussed about steps taken by our Government and later we have provided some recommendations to reduce the effect of this problem.

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