First NameHuma
Last NameFida
First Name 2Hurmat
Last Name 2Mir
Supervisor NameMr. Muhammad Imran Saeed
UniversityInternational Islamic University, Islamabad
Publication Date05 September, 2017

Virtual Wizards for Virtual Reality Game

Virtual Wizards is a unique project, concerned with the development of an action-adventure Role Play Virtual Reality Game, based on a famous Harry Potter series about magic and wizardry. In this game a person can experience being in a three-dimensional environment and interact with selective objects in the environment of Hogwarts.
Virtual Reality is a three-dimensional computer generated environment. It allows you to experience the impossible. Its foremost dream is to merge the authentic world and the virtual world. Gaming environment is fast growing entertainment sector in today’s world, which is also developing Virtual Reality based games and making efforts to provide the tech in reasonable prices.
The game is developed on unity 3D, by using C# for scripting, unity assets textures and models along with Smartphones, Bluetooth controller and VR Headset (Google Cardboard, VR 2.0 etc.) Our objective is to develop a game that will bring the magical experience into this world using the concept of VR.

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