First NameNajma
Last NameRasool
First Name 2Ureedah
Last Name 2Batool
Supervisor NameSir Asim Munir
UniversityInternational Islamic University Islamabad
Publication Date28 August, 2017
DomainComputer Science / IT

Win Predictor for Football Game

Abstract: Win Predictor for Football Game is platform for football fans around the world. It will predict the outcome of Premier League football matches and number of goals of premier league players for current season.
In this application, football and player’s data of last 5 years will be collected from English Premier League matches, which serve as the population of the football data sets. Knowledge discovery in databases (KDD) will be used to develop a football match result predictive model by gathering different parameters that affect the outcome of football matches. A dataset will be developed and data mining techniques will be applied to create a model with good predictive capability. The project will consist in analysing football games statistics, trying to identify patterns used in these data and then leading to a suggestion.
The web app will be easily used by person of any age group, it will be user friendly. It will target people of every age who are interested in football. Football results prediction has gained popularity in recent years. Predicting the results of football matches is interesting to many, from fans to bettor

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